Follow the true life story of Peggy Jo Tallas, an infamous female bank robber that the FBI believed was a man, during their four year pursuit of, “Cowboy Bob.”

Genre: Drama / True Story



Based on the popular Children's Book series from author Shane Hegarty, Darkmouth is a comedic animated fantasy about an overeager kid who bites off more than he can chew when he prematurely jumps into the family business: hunting monsters.

Genre: Animation / Adventure / Family


Once a Pilgrim

The true story of a British ex-SAS soldier who must defend a hotel packed with civilian families against a horde of heavily armed rebels during the 1997 military coup in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Genre: Action / Drama / True Story



After a family's daughter is kidnapped by marauding raiders, their benevolent android must become a lethal killer to get her back.

Genre: Sci-Fi / Action / Adventure

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The Storm

A bounty hunter and his prey must unite to take down a sheriff and his posse in a lawless Wyoming town.

Genre: Western / Drama



When a Saxon boy and his sister are captured by fierce Vikings, they are separated and the boy must conquer his deepest fears and go on a quest to the frozen Troll kingdom to save his sister from being sacrificed by the evil Viking Queen

Genre: Adventure / Family



The Woods Behind Trevor Malone's House

Adapted from the best selling book -Four kids hear strange going on's in the woods behind their friend , Trevor Malone's house. As they search into the truth of what is actually happening they embark upon an adventure of a lifetime

Genre: Adventure / Family

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The White Giraffe

After the tragic death of her parents, a young girl begins a new life on a South African game preserve and discovers a mythical White Giraffe.

Genre: Family / Adventure


A LetteR To Shea

Some years after realizing his love letter never made it to his high school crush, a writer travels from New York to Los Angeles to deliver it in person in hopes of getting the life he always dream't of with her.

Genre: Romance / Drama


Loud As Lions

When the varsity football team of Rogersville, Tennessee, along with the coach, are killed in a tragic accident, the coach's estranged younger brother returns to rebuild the team, the town and his own life.

Genre: Drama / Sport


South from Bluie West

One of the greatest, true, crash and survival saga's in the history of the American military. Set at the start of the cold war between the US and Soviet Union, the crash of an American surveillance plane in Greenland in the middle of December 1948, launches a frantic race between the Navy and the Airforce to see who can rescue the downed airmen before the horrifying elements claim their lives. After 3 failed attempts by the 'experts' it comes down to a single heroic mission by a young bush pilot. A mission impossible that turns into a national celebration.

Genre: Adventure / Drama / True Story



From the book titled - 'Someone Like Me' - comes this dark, gritty tale of a post-apocalyptic future torn apart by savagery, hatred and fear. Humans struggle to survive, now being prey to monstrous packs of evolved creatures that attack them for meat. Bounty Hunters are the only thing that stands between the communities and certain death, they are the only humans that can fight against the beasts and win. They are 'The Killing Kind' 

Genre: Horror / Thriller

The Payback 

A successful sports agent is in line for a top promotion, but when she hires the guy who humiliated her back at her high school prom, she puts everything at risk for the opportunity of sweet revenge.

Genre: Comedy / Romance


Pinstripes on the prairie

A top London investment banker's life is turned upside down when he inherits a ranch in Colorado. After a huge business deal in the city goes chaotically wrong , he decides to move his dysfunctional family from the UK to Colorado for the summer , to work the ranch and restore it to its former glory .. And value.

Genre: Comedy


The Gatecrasher

A fast moving, romp, set at the best and most glamorous movie event of them all - The Cannes Film Festival. Its where Hollywood comes to play and deals get done on the back of restaurant napkins...And Don Washington, a struggling wannabe movie producer must make it happen. And to do that he has to gatecrash all the parties, premieres, exclusive dinners and get noticed by the major players..A comedy about dreams, ambitions and the prizes that sit unseen right in-front of our eyes!

Comedy: Comedy / Advenure


The Churchill Club

When Nazis invade Denmark during World War II, the only ones brave enough to stand up and fight back are a group of schoolboys who call themselves "The Churchill Club" after their hero, Winston Churchill. Led by Knud Pedersen, 15, the boys commit countless acts of sabotage angering Berlin and the Danes, who had agreed not to resist the German occupation. A local Danish detective finally tracks down the boys and arrests them. Even from jail, the boys continue their sabotage, escaping at night and returning in the morning. Frustrated, the Germans send the boys to State prison, where they make one final escape. These brave young boys inspired the
full blown Danish resistance that eventually led to Hitler's downfall.

Genre: True Story / Action / Adventure